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Brothers and Sisters,

We at Union Chapel areindeed blessed. However, sometimes we have a tendency to stop doing what openedthe door to the blessings in the first place (Malachi 3:8-11). God has been so goodto us; collectively and Individually. In these trying times, I truly believe“we will all get a turn.” In other words, you may be experiencing troubletoday, but my day of trouble will surely come as well. And as you know, thereare some blessings money can’t buy. The Bible clearly teaches that “it rainsupon the just as well as the unjust.” Oh yes! Although the situations andoutcome may differ. We will have our turn; no matter what.

Beloved,please let us not stop giving The Lord His tithes and our offerings, praisingHim for His grace and mercy, and worshiping Him in Spirit and truth. To theleadership, remember we must lead the Church in wholistic/holistic worship.  You’ve always been a big part of the fabric of our church over the yearsand I can’t thank you enough for your support and past commitments, but we muststay the course.

So, “I beseech each ofyou by the mercies of God” to keep doing what God commanded you to do and do itto the glory of God!  The Holy Spirit withinme continually pray for your richest blessings. I also pray that God’sprotective care and His peace keep you and yours both safe and well.

Thanking you inadvance for your continued support.

Your Servant Leader,
O. Wendell Davis