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Union Chapel Sunday School

Our Mission Statement

The Union Chapel Sunday School exits as a major part of the educational program of the church.  It's responsible for equipping men and women for the work of the ministry and to edify the boy of Christ through systematic Bible Study.  All new members should attend the New Members' Orientation class before enrolling in a specific Sunday School Class. 

Sunday School Class are currently available during the live stream on Sunday Mornings. 

Contact: Dea. Jacoby Berry

Important Message:   Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the restrictions and limitations caused by SAFETY concerns, the order for the Summer Quarter Sunday School Literature was omitted. In the event that books had been ordered, there are/were no logistical plans in place to SAFELY and efficiently distribute hard copies of books to the teachers nor the congregational Sunday School participants.  Plans to order books and commentaries for the Fall Quarter are still in place, along with a near-term goal to develop a safe, lawful, and efficient plan to distribute Sunday School Literature at that time.

The Sunday School Topics & Scriptural References have been listed below for your convenience.  In the event that a book is desired, individuals may also visit the Sunday School Publishing Board website (link provided below) and pay a small fee to download a personal digital copy of the Sunday School Literature.  Please NOTE the Copyright Permissions statements listed on the SSPB website when exercising this option.




Unit I: Wisdom in Proverbs

Children’s Unit: Wisdom in Proverbs

June 28, 2020     “WISDOM’S FEAST”
                                Adult/Young Adult Topic: “An Invitation to Wisdom”
                                Youth Topic: “An Invitation to Wisdom”
                                Children’s General Lesson Title: “Feast On Wisdom”
                                Children’s Topic: “Wisdom’s Feast”

                                Background Scripture: Proverbs 9
                                Print Passage: Proverbs 9:1-6, 8-10, 13-18
                                Adult Key Verse: Proverbs 9:6
                                Youth Key Verse: Proverbs 9:10

                                Lesson Objectives:

  1. Compare and contrast the call and promise of wisdom with those of folly.
  2. Desire to walk the path of wisdom and receive its benefits, avoiding the peril of foolishness.
  3. Grown in the fear and knowledge of the Lord as the first step in walking in the way of wisdom.

July 05, 2020      “WISDOM’S VINDICATION”
                                Adult/Young Adult Topic: “Wisdom in Action”
                                Youth Topic: “Wisdom-Not Guilty”
                                Children’s General Lesson Title: “Proving Your Wisdom”
                                Children’s Topic: “Proof Positive”

                                Background Scripture: Matthew 11:1-19
                                Print Passage: Matthew 11:7-19
                                Key Verse: Matthew 11:19

                                Lesson Objectives:

  1. Explain how the actions of Jesus and John the Baptist, while very different from one another and different from the expected, ultimately displayed divine wisdom.
  2. Feel encouraged to behave in ways contrary to the expected in order to follow Jesus.
  3. Review their own behavior to determine whether it reflects godly wisdom and commit to focusing on one specific area of improvement.

July 12, 2020      “THE BOY JESUS”
                                Adult/Young Adult Topic: “Wisdom that Amazes”
                                Youth Topic: “Wisdom that Amazes”
                                Children’s General Lesson Title: “Jesus in the Temple”
                                Children’s Topic: “Questions Are Good”

                                Background Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1-15; Luke 2:39-52
                                Print Passage: Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7b; Luke 2:39-52
                                Key Verse: Luke 2:40
                                Youth Key Verse: Luke 2:46

                               Lesson Objectives:

  1. Explore the account of Jesus’ experience in the Temple at the age of twelve.
  2. Sense the awe experienced by all those who witnessed Jesus’ precocious wisdom as well as the angst experienced by Mary and Joseph.
  3. Rejoice in the opportunity to know the wisdom of God through Jesus.


July 19, 2020      “THE WISDOM OF JESUS”
                                Adult/Young Adult Topic: “Wisdom that Astounds and Offends”
                                Youth Topic: “Wow! What Wisdom”
                                Children’s General Lesson Title: “An All-Wise Jesus”
                                Children’s Topic: “Don’t Let the Doubters Stop You”

                                Background Scripture: Mark 6:1-6; 7:1-23
                                Print Passage: Mark 6:1-6
                                Key Verse: Mark 6:2-3
                                Youth Key Verse: Mark 6:2

                                Lesson Objectives:

  1. Identify the reason or reasons why the people in Nazareth could not accept the wisdom with which Jesus spoke.
  2. Repent of occasions when Jesus’ words resulted in their taking offense rather than in accepting the wisdom inherent in those words.
  3. Commit to accepting the words of Jesus even when His words are challenging and stretching.


July 26, 2020      “WISDOM: THE WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE”
                                Adult/Young Adult Topic: “Finding One’s Way”
                                Youth Topic: “Choosing Wisdom as the Way”
                                Children’s General Lesson Title: “Wise Up and Live for God”
                                Children’s Topic: “I Choose Truth”

                                Background Scripture: Proverbs 3:17; 8:32-36; John 14:1-14
                                Print Passage: John 14:1-14
                                Key Verse: John 14:6

                                Lesson Objectives:

  1. Explore the encounter between Jesus and the disciples I the upper room as Jesus told them that He was going away and that they would only be able to join Him in a place He would prepare.
  2. Appreciate the difficulty the disciples had in understanding Jesus.
  3. Celebrate the promise of Jesus to prepare a place for His followers and to hear and respond to their prayers.


Individual Classes Sunday School Lesson 
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Youth - 6th and 7th Grade - June 28th  Sis. Bettye Showers, et all
Adult VII Class - June 28th Sis. Bettye Pope, et all
Adult VIII Class - June 28th  Minister Toni Savage, et all